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Jul 16, 2020

We talk the bluecheck hack, Paul getting unsuspended, looming takedowns, cancel predictions, Gay Twitter, the so-called myth of cancel culture, trickle-down oppression, the competitive capitalism of public shaming, the Harper's Letter, why we podcast, the victim/villain binary, why gay men don't get offended, #JewishPrivilege, privilege as insult, the reclosing of L.A., the myth of dog whistles, the self-annihilation of the left, the Mission Chinese drama, settlement chasers, jealousy, the dopamine poison of being liked online, the insulation of wealth, the merciless guillotine of public relations, the elementary genius of Fox news, the latest gossip around Ghislaine, and so much more!

Today's theme: "2y & 6m" by Cindy

Relevant links:

The Harper's Letter:

Feeling Asian Podcast w/ Danny Bowien:

Caitlin Flanagan dunking on Jennifer Finney Boylan:

Ross Douthat's 10 Theses About Cancel Culture:

Patia's Legendary Guide:

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