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Jun 19, 2020

Did you miss us? We're back, with very special guest Brontez Purnell! Brontez is here to promote his third novel, 100 Boyfriends, coming soon from Farrar, Straus and Giroux. We also talk about the Vanderpump Rules firings, gay pride mixing with black lives matter protests, body dysmorphia amid the revolution, looting Target, the Iraq War, very special statements from white brands, Rihanna's inadvertent reparations anthem, Paul and Patrik getting cancelled, Paul and Patrik being uncancellable, the viral donation discrepancy, flashpan equity initiatives, how the onus of racial education steals from black creatives, leaderless resistance, quarantine's uprising effect, the apocalypse, Obama complacency, and Brontez's incredible body of work in bands like Gravy Train!!! and The Younger Lovers, as well as his career as an author and documentarian. 

We missed you too. And we're not sorry