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May 28, 2020

We discuss the swift rise and fall of Netflix's queer branding strategist, young millennial queer culture's personal branding obsession, assimilation into corporate culture as a reverse resistance optic, media millennials washing their personal interactions with buzzterms and marketspeak. We also get into the modern syndrome of judging past behaviors through today's moral majority standards. 

Plus: The Jeffrey Epstein docuseries, Bill Clinton's affair with Ghislaine Maxwell, Racist Amy in Central Park, Hot Christian the gay bird watcher, cops getting away with murdering black people, the Jenny Jones murder, Kiki Kannibal, early-2000s MTV reality shows, and more!


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"Losing the Narrative: The Genre Fiction of the Professional Class" by James McElroy

"The Pandemic Work Diary of Netflix's Queer Champion" by Melissa Guerrero

"Did Netflix oust LGBT exec Fran Tirado over New York Times interview?" in Page Six