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May 20, 2020

We talk Ben Smith's Ronan Farrow takedown, high achiever syndrome, resistance journalism, audiobook melodrama, and why Farrow's investigative nonfiction comes across as a glorified Hollywood audition. We also get into Alison Roman's suspension from the New York Times, James Charles's "Instant Influencers," Jackie Cox, and the emergence of the politically correct drag queen. We discuss VH1's censure of Sherry Pie and imagine what the season would have been like had she been showcased objectively. Then we talk about Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande's #1 debut controversy, parse the conspiracies and money channels that dictate the Billboard charts, and observe Doctor Luke's comeback with the new Doja Cat single featuring Nicki Minaj. Then we talk about Jeffrey's closing, New York COVID-19 casualties, and why Patrik is moving to L.A.

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