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Apr 30, 2020

Big COVID energy. What don't we talk about? 

Paul started watching Vanderpump Rules for the first time and solved the mystery of the 7-11 Corona Bandit, and then we go into how the Coronavirus is teaching people how to live in a society, why quarantining is really designed to curb the worst among us, the cancelled New York Democratic Primary, DeBlasio's "Jewish" gaffe, unpacking the syntax, his intent, the Internet's outrage, and what it reflects. Also: Cuomosexuals, the cudgel of victimization, regional controversies and our new New York relativism, Zoom funerals, social distancing cops, pandemic as equalizer, Jeff Goldblum's Drag Race controversy, abusing oneself to please one's parents, the liberal obsession with lesser evils, post-millennial fusion of self and brand how it erodes the art of drag, delusional American exceptionalist fantasies of first-world status, and the conflation of otherness with virtue. Paul comes out as trad Cath and we reminisce about Catholic child molestors, and realize middle-aged Catholic smokers are the new tabloid sex symbols (Chris Cuomo and Ben Affleck). We also talk about why podcasters, YouTubers, and porn stars are the post-COVID entrepreneurial class, Hillary Clinton's graboid bid for the running mate slot, Rebecca Traister's Biden Trap essay, the spinelessness of the Democratic Party's leadership, and finally...a message from the CEO of Nasty Pig. 

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