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Apr 14, 2020

Paul's drunk. Patrik's hot and bothered over due process. Neither of us are voting for Joe Biden, and it has nothing to do with sexual assault allegations. We also talk about the lost art of "getting away with it," and our favorite YouTubers: Paul is obsessed with Kalvin Garrah's war against GoFundMe surgeries, Patrik loves HRH Collection but finds her to be a "nondesigner," or a "fashion charlatan," if you will. We venture into Drag Race's Madonna Rusical and address our beloved listeners and their absolutely adorable demands! 

We have recorded 14 special quarantine episodes with guests like Hari Nef (twice!), Alissa Bennett, Steven Phillips-Horst, and we did a RHONY episode and a full radio show with music!...If you aren't a subscriber to the patreon, so much awaits you once you join: