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Feb 26, 2020

We're back on our bullshit, throwing ourselves into a rapidfire roulette discussion of the week's pressing controversies, microscandals, and misunderstandings: the moral majority attacks on South Park and Salò, Jameela's Munchausen, Wendy's anti-gay remarks, Richard Dawkins's eugenics proposal, Donald Trump's review of the Oscars, Rosario Dawson's queer baiting, Scott Bixby's Daily Beast story, the deplatforming of Ben Mora, New York's missing winter, Judge Judy's Bloomberg hysteria, the death of Gummy Bear Davis, and Angelyne's new producing career. We also dive into the democratic primary and debunk some of the arguments against Bernie Sanders. Paul embraces his inner Bernie Bro and gets kicked off Twitter. Patrik explores the psychic delusions of the relational health care economy.

We also talk Netflix's Love Is Blind and explore the devastating pathology of Jessica, a cypher for aging single women everywhere. We also parse Carlton's bisexual dilemma and Paul explains the double standard of the bi-nary. 

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