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Feb 2, 2020

Patrik gives a perfect apology to a presidential candidate he feuded with on Twitter before we deep dive into the nefarious and suspiciously automated BTS army, discuss the K-Pop boy-band matriculation camp model, talk sleeping through the Grammys, question big tech's arbitrary deplatforming practices, we dive into the "mail bag" to address our bad review, Paul rates the new generation of Drag Race contestants and clocks the spook in the geesh, we jump back into Grammys fashion, and Paul shares his horror story of the Barneys closing sale. We then wonder about a future where society and culture stop relying on Instagram for all sales, commerce, trends, portfolios, job opportunities, legacies, and aesthetics, recite Paul Schrader's amazing review of the Taylor Swift documentary, and Patrik finally coins the perfect hashtag: #NonGirlMagic. 
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