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Dec 1, 2019


WELCOME TO THE TWENTYTEENS IN JUST UNDER 2 HOURS! It's the end of the decade so we decide to go deep (way too deep) into the subjects, scandals, songs, and situations that defined the 2010s. Forget your garden variety end-of-decade wrap-ups because this two-headed acid flashback has it all: FaceTime, Fame Monsters, Amanda Bynes, Streetwear, Rihanna, "Representation," Real Housewives, RuPaul, SALEM, Bernie Sanders, Lana Del Rey, Vox Lux, Blog House, Haus of Gaga, Fade To Mind, DIS Magazine, Fitch/Trecartin, Telfar, the Trump Impeachment, Arca, Pink Friday, Physical Therapy, Elite Gymnastics, Art Raves, Beyoncé, Hypebeast, Hood By Air, the Sony Hack, Lauren Devine, Caitlyn Jenner, Face Swap, Chat Roulette, Spotify, Scorsese, Sky Ferreira, Scary Island, the best movies of the past ten years, and all the parties we care to remember. 

See you 2020, no Barbara. 

Let us know your favorite things from this past decade in the comments!