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Nov 15, 2019

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Don't touch that dial! Paul and Patrik address their recent call outs from the bitter brigade and Patrik wonders if culture has collapsed under reverse Reaganism. Then we go into our Top Ten Favorite TV Shows Of All Time! A spiritual stepsister to our But Actually The Movies Patreon special from August, this episode we discuss the series that sculpted the wretched personalities you have before you now. Keep screenshotting our haters, we like to identify them in the wild! Let us know your favorite series in the comments. 

And a special rejoinder to our last free episode regarding GoFundMe culture: our dear friend Leigha is in need of lung surgery and has a GoFundMe of her own! Please go there and chip in. Leigha is punk and awesome—she once survived being stabbed in the chest during the uprising in Greece—so let's help her out. Link below!