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Aug 26, 2019

This week we are joined by author of SLEEVELESS, Natasha Stagg (available October 8th wherever books are sold!!!)..

I think maybe a mic is broken and OF COURSE our guest just so happened to be the lucky one to get it so if you hear her mic going in and out just go with it dudes.. just be cool.. 

We start with Bethany Frankel quitting Real Housewives of New York, the new housewife Leah McSweeney (founder of Married to the Mob, (yeah the brand that was sued by Supreme (and supreme lost lol))), Angry Birds 2, Good Boys, Dora the Explorer (I got a Regal Unlimited card so i saw a lot of good movies this week...).. The pronunciation of Ghislaine Maxwell, photoshop fails, binging, popeyes chicken, Euphoria, Mecca Revlon, molly, Faye Dunaway, Little Gay boys, Little homosexuals, Tomi Lahrens new gun toting athleisure line, queer as folk, queer as Lword, queer as queer and QUEER. Oh, and Mindhunter.