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Aug 9, 2019

Ughh we got a little cocky in the beginning with the threats of a RAW AND UNCUT episode this week... but ... the Dark Psychic Forces were trying to get us as we recorded this episode THREE TIMES IN A ROW due to technical difficulties...  We thought we had lost all the files but were able to retrieve all three to make up THIS VERY EPISODE! Hope you enjoy it cause it was a fucking bitch to edit. 

This week we CHANT about Depression, Wellbutrin, nightmares, The New York Magazine story on Ivanka Trump, Barney's filing for bankruptcy, The Valley of the Dolls audio book narrated by Laverne Cox (sorry Laverne in advance), Why we love Lena Dunham, what pills we should be taking, The Little Mermaid LIVE, MOLE PEOPLE from the documentary DARK DAYS, possible new broadway plays, Kanye West's homeless shelter DOMES, Toni Morrission, Victoria Secret's new (and FIRST) trans model, Trans model SCAMMERS, representation, gay movies, voguing, EQUINOX, Paris is Burning, Succession, HBO, gay, gay, gay, and GAY, BYEE 

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