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Apr 24, 2019

Paul and Patrik are living proof that when you work for every gay legend in New York City, you never come out on top. That's why Kalena (@yiauekitalki) is back by popular demand to take a couple listener questions about how to beat stress and steer the workforce like a pro. The elusive Haley Wollens joins the pod as our hosts discuss their sordid work histories, argue over their presumed leadership skills, name names, defame [REDACTED] and face the bleak realization that college, interning, and upward mobility were lies designed to rob them. IS THAT ALL THERE IS?
Shout out to fabulous fashion mavens VAQUERA NYC
and the brilliant podcast NYMPHOWARS
Whose names got bleeped? Take a wild guess on our Reddit forum (someone start one)! You thought true New York gossip was dead? Think again.