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Jan 8, 2021

!!! RATED NC-17 !!!

2021 has been several years in only a matter of hours. We talk about the insurrection at Capitol Hill, bipartisan horseshoe theory, rejecting authority, and online hysteria. Patrik defends Ariel Pink from the angry mob and we talk about being punk, whether forgiveness is still a virtue, if the election was actually rigged, and parse the way the right and left are swapping fundamental principles without anybody really noticing. Then we get into the Kanye and Jeffree rumors, repressed homosexuality, Kim's romantic prospects, Gen-Z's next Ann Coulter, object fetishism, and wrap things up with the 411 on Alexander Wang's litany of abuse allegations in the context of his career... which...honestly...? I guess you have to listen. 

Today's Theme: "Human (Human League Cover)" by Lloyd and the 6ths. 

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