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Jul 30, 2020

It's been a busy week for us but we do not want to leave you guys hanging so here is a very popular Patreon episode of recent vintage featuring one of our favorite regulars, Alissa Bennett, recorded on the occasion of Mary Kay Letourneau's untimely demise. Originally published July 8.  For more episodes like this, subscribe to our Patreon at ! Enjoy! 

Breaking News: Mary Kay Letourneau is DEAD. She DIED. Alissa Bennett joins us for an emergency edition of Not Really looking back at the scandal, the sickness, and the saga of one of the most infamous women of the '90s. Was it true love or was it a predatory perversion? Journey inside the mind of Mary Kay in what can best be described as the definitive record of her life and times, never to be least until Vili Fualaau's memoir gets picked up.

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