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Aug 27, 2020

In our first Dramarama Special, we turn to singer/actress/icon Sky Ferreira to guide our listeners through the ups and downs of Quarantine. Thank you to everyone who called in!
Today's Theme: "Voices Carry ('Til Tuesday Cover)" by Sky Ferreira
For the full episode go to and...

Aug 15, 2020

We talk about the plight of working and the indignity of labor and then get into Azealia Banks's brush with death, Kamala Harris's VEEP announcement, the inevitability of the Biden/Harris ticket, why they'll win, social media election-splaining, Karen permanence, cardboard cutouts at live events, Kanye's 2020 merch,...

Aug 4, 2020

We talk about Patrik's deranged Twitter fan, lazy Red Scare haters, the Hunger Games of media Twitter, why everyone hates Patrik, posting under the influence, policing likes, gaslighting defense as offense, white girl fragility, and why academia and corporate media will never save you. Then we dive into our reviews of...