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Jul 30, 2020

It's been a busy week for us but we do not want to leave you guys hanging so here is a very popular Patreon episode of recent vintage featuring one of our favorite regulars, Alissa Bennett, recorded on the occasion of Mary Kay Letourneau's untimely demise. Originally published July 8.  For more episodes like...

Jul 22, 2020

Kanye West's presidential rally and social media diaries, Trump's message for Ghislaine, Teyana Taylor's ballroom appropriation, the sexual reckoning at Burger Records, and Portland's Naked Athena. 

This episode's theme: "Not A Problem" by the Black Lips

For the full episode go to

Jul 16, 2020

We talk the bluecheck hack, Paul getting unsuspended, looming takedowns, cancel predictions, Gay Twitter, the so-called myth of cancel culture, trickle-down oppression, the competitive capitalism of public shaming, the Harper's Letter, why we podcast, the victim/villain binary, why gay men don't get...

Jul 7, 2020

Paul's review of Hamilton is in and IT STINKS! We discuss the death of content, electoral politics as entertainment, Kanye's presidential announcement, Kylie Jenner's "web of lies", kundles on the pier, quarantines at the Beverly Hills Hotel, and caviar dreams! 

Also: Kimberly Guilfoyle's contagious exploits, rage...

Jul 6, 2020

We're joined by our friend, producer/actress/creative guru Mary Ann Heagerty to discuss a world she tunes into on the reg: beauty influencers on YouTube and their assorted dramaramas. We get into Tati Westbrook's latest bombshell allegations against Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star, the glistening enclave of Calabasas...